Welcome to the page of the Ukrcemremont Plus LLC - a specialized enterprise, the history of development and activities, which total of 64 productive years.

Ukrcemremont Plus LLC is one of the largest repair and assembly enterprises in the heavy industry in Ukraine. We are the only one in Ukraine who can offer a full range of repair works.

All production activities of Ukrcemremont Plus are associated with factories in different regions of Ukraine: Rivne, Kharkov, Donetsk, Nikolaev, Lvov, Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Ivano-Frankovsk regions. Also, our activity extends to neighboring countries: Moldova, Belarus, Russia (until 2014), Uzbekistan.

Ukrcemremont Plus LLC constantly carries out technical re-equipment of its production. Every year we increase the volume of production, expand the range of services, and create new jobs.

Work experience
since 1950
Customers from
8 countries
More than 500 regular customers
in Ukraine

The technical facilities of our company include:

  • a four-roll sheet-rolling machine IB-2426, which makes it possible to produce cylindrical shells from a metal sheet up to 80 mm thick and up to 2 m wide;
  • plasma cutting device (up to 40 mm thick);
  • machine tools: turning, milling, drilling, bending machine, gear-cutting;
  • welding equipment from – “ESAB” and “FRONIUS”
  • device for electroslag welding;
  • furnace for heat treatment of metals;
  • forge and much more

We are invited to carry out repair work at factories in other industries, the technologies of which were developed by specialists of our company, were carried out at:

  • Poltava mining and processing plant
  • Slaviansky chalk and lime plant
  • Lisopol woodworking plant
  • and at many other enterprises in Ukraine

Now we are working on finding new technologies for repair production, improving quality and reducing the cost of work.

Ukrcemremont Plus can offer you a wide range of services:

  • Manufacturing of metal structures of any size and configuration
  • Repair of casings of heat exchangers
  • Repair of mills of all sizes
  • Installation and repair of clinker and pellet coolers
  • Welding of bandages
  • Instrumental alignment and debugging
  • Repair of metal structures of cranes
  • Turning and milling works
  • Repair of electric motors
  • Repair and construction work
  • Heat treatment of metals
  • Plasma cutting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals
  • Cutting of sheet metal (up to 2 m wide, up to 36 mm thick)
  • Production of decorative metal structures of any configuration: fences, gazebos, barbecues and much more

We are looking for a new customers for major repairs, reconstructions, installation and commissioning of new technological equipment, repairing bridge and gantry cranes of various capacities.